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Quark Master Commentary

This is a double story, two stories which cross in the middle.

It takes places after Changes II

Since this series uses 'Subtitles' to help tell the story, it may help to go through all images in sequence.

To see Tad & Avery's story, Changes I, goto Changes I

To see the continuation of Tad & Avery's story, Changes II, goto Changes II

To see backstory on some of the other Satyr's goto Satyrs

Satyrday Night and The Apprentice



Swimming? Lessons Private Lesson
The Deep End Advanced Lessons
Afterglow Brandt's Tavern
Eat, Drink and Be Merry Alex The Thief
Stalking Enough Already
Dinner and Home No Married Mages
Magic and Nature Do Anything For You?
I Prefer Sausage Time for Take Out
Tavern Fight! Immobilizing the Enemy
Unwrapping the Green Meat Immobilizing the Enemy
Employees Only! Fuck Yeah
The Bitter End Satyrday Night
Home Sex Magic
Magical Exchange Sexual Healing
Awaken the Senses Riding the Stallion
Wizardry So Pefect, So Soft
Magical Staff Magic Wand
Post Coital Solutions Magic Buttons
Funny Feelings The Cat's Meow
The Cat's Paw Furry
Starting to Look Familiar Stalk and Pounce