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Quark Master Commentary

Beware what you find in the forest. It may change your lifestyle.

The last 2 images are simply stand alone pieces I've doen involving satyrs, generally for my Yahoo Group, A Satyr's Life.

The first picture is in theory the first satyr I ever did, Satyricus. In point of fact, what is here is actually a redo of that one, with a better rendering engine.

The next four are actually a mini-series called The Call of the Pipes, it leads directly into the Satyrnalia in Changes.

Also, see more of the Satyrs in Changes I

and in Changes II

and in Satyrday Night and The Apprentice.

Satyrs and 'The Call of the Pipes'



Satyricus Satyr Genesis
The Call of the Pipes: Be wary of what they may summon. The Call of the Pipes: Surprise!
The Call of the Pipes: Follow Why?  Why Do Human's Kill That Which They Do Not Understand?</a>
Through the Door...the birth of the <a href=>SatyrLife Yahoo Group</a>