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Quark Master Commentary

This 'Series' is both a series and a descriptive introduction to characters you have seen in other pictures.

Here you formally meet Maardall and his 'Forces.'

Please note, Maardall and his forces are NOT Evil.

Maardall finds such terms to be insulting and libelous; therefore, he has ordered his envoys to immediately execute anyone using that term in regards to him or his representatives.

Ted's tale of Ritual Magic will be continued. If you've seen my site, you can guess what's going to happen to him.

Ritual Magic



His Excellency, Maardall David
General Magrin Thoryn & Trom
The Dark Abbess, Elysra Morgdon
Netwert & Aegeris Ted, Netwert and David
Ted, Netwert, Trom and Thoryn Ritual Magic:  Sacrificing for 'The Cause'