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Quark Master Commentary

Yet another wacky evil wizard, committed to research.

As you might guess, this takes place in the same universe as my other Fantasy stuff. It takes place after The Apprentice.

Since this series uses 'Subtitles' to help tell the story, it may help to go through all images in sequence.

I have started on a second part to this story, with more characters, but I won't be able to finish it before the end of the year. So I am posting the story so far.

Going Green



Green Vision Action
Once You've Gone Green... Monsters
A Couple Bottles Later A Couple Days Later:  Knock Knock
Orc Express Payment
Experiment Preparation
Preparation I'm Sorry!
Going Green! A Bit of Swelling
Argh! Double Dicked!
Getting Hot in the Lab Two Hands Are Better Than One
Two Cocks Are Better Than Anything Head Ache
Unbind Shit!
Worship Test Drive
Easy Being Green