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Quark Master Commentary

The young elven hero/thief has gone to dispose of a local monster that has been plaguing the Barony. He's more than happy to take compensation from items found on the monster's person.

Into the Flayer's Lair



The Illithid's Lair The Hunter or The Hunted
Unwrapping the Food Inspection
A Small Taste Prepare Yourself For Me
Adding A Bit Of 'Meat Tenderizer' My Head, It Hurts, and I'm Still So Horny
What's Happening to Me? You Are Being Prepared for Dinner
The Increase in Mental Activitiy Should be Accompanied by an Increase in Hormones and Animal Instincts in the Lower Cortex The Resultant Conflict of the Id and the Ego Becomes 'Oh So Savory'
The Result is a True Delicacy