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Quark Master Commentary

This is the story of Tad and Avery.

They thought they were stuck in a rut.

They decided to try and make some changes, starting with a trip...but they probably didn't expect this road to lead where it did.

Since this series uses 'Subtitles' to help tell the story, it may help to go through all images in sequence.

To be continued in Changes II: Taured and Tethered

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Changes I: Road Trip



Reflections Tad & Avery
Missing Species Species Preservation
Road Trip:  Breakdown UFO
Roadside Assistance Roadside Pickup
Analyze Species Potential Genetic Material Insertion
Nanobot Insertion Phase I Complete
Deposited Prisoner
Inmates The First Changes
Horny and 'Horn-Y' Getting Serious
Hurts so Good Feels Good
The Tail End Oh Baby
Satyr Reflections & Memory: Satyr Outside: Human Inside
Fine Specimen Catch & Release
Returned to the Wild Alone in the Forest
Discovery Silver Pipes
Opening the Gateway Through the Gateway
Surprises All Around Among Friends
Getting to Know You Unfinished Business
Playtime Getting Down to Business
Initiation Satyrnalia
Contentment Reflections & Memories: True Self
Analyze Avery Planning