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Welcome To QuarkMaster's Site
Demons of Astlan Volume I: Into The Abyss

Gateway Drug


When a friend convinces Tom to try weed for the first time, some special stuff he'd just gotten in the city, all hell breaks loose. Literally.  He has a weird out of body experience, to what he learns later is the Astral Plane.  There, these deranged and myopic wizards from Astlan mistake him for a demon and try to conjure and bind him to them and their world. Now Tom's stuck in the body of "Evil Incarnate." A 12' demon from The Abyss. Bound as a slave to the wizard Lenamare for all eternity.  Everyone in Astlan is convinced he is an ungodly killing machine and the wizards want to use him in a war against a rival wizard. Now he's gotta figure out how to get out of this situation before he succumbs to the body's instincts to kill and destroy puny humans.


All cover art done by me, QM.  All website art at www.Astlan.Net, currently all me. 
Plus somewhere between 1..100% of the writing credits.
PG-13 for massive literary violence and adult situations.
4/30/2014: Now on sale at Amazon for 23% off: $6.99->$5.38.
Available now in e-book and Dead Tree form at Amazon (also on sale for $16.19 vs $19.99)
Follow the links on the covers to www.Astlan.Net where there are links to the currently active bookstores and lots more detail on the book and the world.

Currently Amazon/Kindle, Nook/Barnes and Noble, SmashwordsGoogle Play, iTunes and Scribd have the ebook.

The Dead Tree Edition is also available now at www.Astlan.Net where there is a coupon to lower the price.

While some of this gallery may be PG.  I make no guarantees, assume everything is R/NC-17. 

This site is not suitable for persons under legal age.

Please note: Many images are cross-category.

For example there are several in Fantasy that also fall under Transformation etc.

What's New?


Odd Goings on at the Texaco
  Texaco Sitiing  

 What's New@QuarkMaster's Gallery


Realized the SuperHero button wasn't working due to a code error in a file for the page. Fixed.

Site Maintenance

Site will be down for physical server relocation (moving across the street to a new DataCenter building) between 12:00 am to 8:00 am EDT on Wed. June 12, 2013.
Same with D2H.


I am moving my active blogging (such as that is) to Tumblr!  Visit me there to find out why.  This site will continue to host my work as I publish, and I will be publishing this year, believe it or not....


Balthazar and friends are back over at Damned To Hell!

Episode III: Guttony Be Damned

Balthazar is serving up 35 new images in the latest intallment of his Hellavision Series--The Apprentice in Hell. 
Unforunately, as it's only showing on Hellavision, you have to be in Hell to see the video.  However, since he's always looking for new residents, he thought he'd tease you with these promo images!

  Prepping for Apprentice in Hell III, and it's wider format images 1920x1200, and to scale other images properly (both the standard 1600x1200 and the odd ones) on bigger displays I've adjusted the viewer's scaling mechanism.  Thus images won't stretch out beyond their natural resolution.  So things should work better/look better on monitors that are wider than 1600x1200 (which is most new LCD wide screens--HDTV resolution).  
  I'm looking at implementing more significant changes and might implement a more dynamic picture viewer that would let you zoom etc. I'm doing that in looking at adding a captcha control for comments to block robospammers...which is really annoying.  However, my time lately has been far more limited than anticpated so it's content vs site mechanics.  
  I've also improved how the Pleasureboy videos and images work, giving links on the video pages to jump past the stills.  The bazillian stills are really for people who can't or don't want to watch the 2 videos.  
  As far as status, I am wrapping up The Apprentice in Hell III, the main episode is all done, but I'm working on a few more epilogue image parts.  There will be an episode IV and probably V at some point.  But I got sidetracked while driving past the local Texaco and noting something a bit suspicious (see above). .  
  Also, really want to finish up Satyrcation which was supposed to be a quick and dirty, not very deep story...but that's taken forever and then I also want to get back to AKA Andy both have been percolating heavily as have some other fiction stories.  
  The point is, the absolute horrible schedule for site updates does not indicate a lack of interest on my part, but rather a lack of time.  I guess in the current economy I should be greatful for being able to work 60 hours per week.  But I'm getting pretty burnt out  

I'm back...it's been way way too long since a real posting of work.  See my blog for some lame excuses.
So this time I have non-TF mini image story called:  The Sauna: After a Winter's Workout in the "Other" section.


Videos Restored
Thanks to ROFLCopter   for pointing out what I screwed up on and no one noticed for a year, or at least screamed to me about...
When I introduced the blog I uploaded a new version of the site that was missing the javascript and flashplayer modules, so all my videos broke.  ROFLCopter pointed this out, and so I fixed it and TF videos should be working again.

Specifically Sam's Gainer Mania and the two FanTCMan/Pleasureboy MG TF videos.

As a reward, ROFLCopter receives his choice of serum to gain 200 lbs.  It can be a pure muscle serum or pure fat serum, his choice.


Evil Puppy has been very bad, and has now been punished. He was very late in delivering his naked men, and now is going to have to make up for it. His gallery has now been updated with the April and May Galleries.

As a penance, Evil Puppy has to support a new page:  The BadPuppy/Club Amateur Video Gallery where he will be posting images, videos and Zip Files of both of models from Bad Puppy and Club Amateur.

Bad Puppy


I'm experimenting with Apple iBooks which are actually, ePub documents.  As a first test I 've 'epublished'  The Island of Dr. Monroe as an epub/ibook.  This is a first attempt to get the format right.  It's the same version as the HTML story on this site with a few more pictures (near end) that come from The Island of Dr. Monroe picture series.    So anyway, nothing fancy yet, but it is an interesting way to look at the story and I may publish my old stories and new ones in this format as well as text/html.

Here is the iBook. 

Simply download to a directory, open iTunes and then choosed "Import File" and go and select the epub file.  You will then see it in your Books section of iTunes and can drag it to your iPad, iTouch, iPhone or compatible iBook reader.  Compatible readers include Cool-ER, Bookeen Cybook Opus, Sony Reader, Bookworm Online, Adobe DE, B&E Nook, IREX, Bebook, Ectaco, Elonex, iRiver, Astak, NUUT.

For computer users, there is Ibis, Book Glutton, Book Worm, FBReader, Calibre, Azardi, Aldiko (android), Mobipocket Reader Desktop, Lucidor, Okular, Openberg Lector (Firefox addon), EPUBReader (Firefox), Talking Clipboard, WordPlayer (android)

It's a Brave New World in Fantasy.

I have finally been able to finish a test project that I started in January 2004.  So, only 6 years in the making.

It was a test of importing Poser objects into Vue d'Esprit.  Of course, me being me, I sort of over did the test and wasn't able to render the scene or get all aspects to an acceptable level.  So periodically I tried every few years as my hardware got better and Vue got better.  Finally this year, with Vue 8 Infinite and a few Nehalum based machines with lots of RAM I was able to get to a Brave New World.  It's basically 3 different views of the same scene, a few things move around, but there's a ton of detail that's missed in the first so I took two other shots.  These are large images, the originals are 16 bit color 2400x1800 images and are 33 Meg PSD files.  Obviously I compressed them a bit for the web, but they are still about 1 Meg each. 

I did final setup on my Core i7 Quad Core Notebook and then sent them to two rendor cows.  The big cow was an Dual Quad Core (8 Real+8 Hyperthreads) Core i7 2.27 Ghz with 24 Meg and the other my old workstation with a Quad Core Q6600 (2.4 Ghz) and 8 Gig.  Notebook is Core i7 Quad (4+4 Cores) at 1.6 Ghz and 8 Gb RAM.

As a BTW, I can't stress how great the Core i7 and i5 (for Mac) are.  The are easily 50% faster at the same clock speed then the previous generation.  If you are getting a new box, be sure to get Core i7 or Core i5.

EvilPuppy has been a real BadPuppy and not been updating his site lately. But he fills the backlog today with the latest 2 months. New men in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone.
As always, brought to you by Evil Puppy and
Bad Puppy

My fault for the delay, I've just been swamped, don't blame Evil Puppy.  New men in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone.
As always, brought to you by Evil Puppy and
Bad Puppy

Evil Puppy is back in the game, updating his gallery tonight. The Evil Puppy Fun Zone.
As always, brought to you by Evil Puppy and
Bad Puppy

Evil Puppy seems to have taken a nap, but finally he has updated the  Evil Puppy Fun Zone.
As always, brought to you by Evil Puppy and
Bad Puppy

2009-September-30/October 1 Evil Puppy is chomping at the bit this month and has updated the  Evil Puppy Fun Zone  already!
Asalways, brought to you by Evil Puppy and
Bad Puppy


Evil Puppy has been holding his gonads for me to do my next big post...he wanted me post his studs sooner, but I told him to hold off and we'd do it all at once.

So, don't miss all the new men this month in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone.

And now, what some of you have been waiting for:  Over at D2H, Balthazar has relented and released his latest snapshots* from his award winning reality show**:

The Apprentice In Hell: Episode II: Back To School***

*Note 1:  Apparently the show itself is only shown in Hell.  However, Balthazar says interested viewers can get a private screening at his fortress...and might win a chance at a walk on (but not off) role.

**Note 2: I haven't seen the award...but I trust his word...I recommend you do the same.

***Note 3:  This new episode may be a little squirm inducing for the more timid humans out there.  Demons have a different perspective, and eating habits, than we humans do.



So maybe I don't know the difference between "Tomorrow" and "A week from tomoorw?"

Got distracted by work, midweek, here is a mini-series of 5 new images  in "Other" with Quark Master, Quark Slave and FanTCGramps having fun in my secret remotely located "Warehouse 69"


Ack!  Just realized my fix on 2009-August-16 did a time warp on a lot of my galleries and screwed them up.  Sorry!  Fixed it.

As an apology, here is a "doodle"  I did of FanTCGramps in Other.  It's what a FanTCMan might look like as he matured.

Although to be fair, "Gramps" probably isn't quite "big enough" (down below/relative) nor "hairy enough" but he is built and in fact, his "equipment" would be too big for normal people, you just can't tell he's like 10' tall since there is no one else in the picture.

Maybe FanTCGramps will do it with FanTCBoy.  Hmm.  That could be fun especially if I am in the middle.  Just for fun, think I'll post one of me and gramps tomorrow.


  • Sorry for some downtime this afternoon, trying to fix bugs to my blog system...discovered yesterday with my post on District-9. Hopefully fixed...the fix uncovered some other issue/bugs with some versioning of component libraries I use.

  • Anyway...if you haven't seen District-9 yet: Grim, Grasp and Groan, my aliens, insist that you see this Xcellent Transformation Movie.   See my blog post on it.  I want to make sure it racks up enough moola for a sequel.


This time BP was on faster than usual and I was later, but never fear, naked guys are here: Evil Puppy Fun Zone.


I, the Evil Puppy, have posted new images for your viewing enjoyment in my Evil Puppy Fun Zone.
Bad Puppy was late getting them to me, and to top it off,  the images/links seem screwy.
The galleries the images link to don't look like the guys in the thumbnails. Something is wacky...however there are new men to look at.


Evil Puppy has posted new images for your viewing enjoyment in his Evil Puppy Fun Zone.


Evil Puppy was asleep in his mancave and forgot to post new images when they became available.
He finally woke up and has posted another 30 men for your viewing enjoyment in his Evil Puppy Fun Zone.


As he posted a while back on the blog, Balthazar is having a demonpower shortage in preperation for all the bankers who will soon be coming to hell.
He therefore put out a help wanted request on his blog for Apprentice Demons and the first applications have come in.
His minions are filming it and posting the interview process on his site, www.damnedtohell.com. You can see snapshots from Episode 1 over there now.

Episode 1: The Interview


The Evil Puppy has updated his gallery again, another 30 men undress for you in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone


We've moved! We are now at a new host, on our own dedicated box with lots of bandwidth.

We (me and my multiple personalities) have added a new feature called "Blog" which replaces the forum, which I never really liked.
I am still playing with "Blog" and more info is in it (or will be).  I hope to have the last of the kinks out of the first release, tonight or Monday.

Initially "Blog" is my blog, where I rant and rave, like any good Super Villain must do to keep up certification.  People who sign up can reply to any of my posts.  For the moment people can only reply, until I have the kinks out.  I intend to let other blogger's have their say though and will let others in to initiate new posts, once I happy on how things work.

Eventually I intend to provide access to my images so users can also write their own stories about the images, or just submit their own stories. 

The big difference with the blog is that it's got a built in editor where I can update/add content with out having to edit web pages...which is what I do on this home page.  Eventually the site will be all dynamic content.  I actually have written all dynamic sites before for the Gallery, but I always bite off so much that I run out of time to finalize/post/test and things sort of fall by the wayside.

So this time I am going to only modernize one section at a time.

For now though my goal tonight/tomorrow is getting QMG and D2H back to normal.

IMPORTANT:  User Comments, and visit counts/page counts have been lost for the last 18+ months.  If you find that a comment you left is missing it's due to database implosion and loss of data...part of the reason for the move.


Evil Puppy has updated his pages (he's much more regular than me...) in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone with another 30 Men.
As always brought to you by Evil Puppy and (blatent promo to get me cash)


Evil Puppy has updated his Mini Galleries for January in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone with another 30 Men.

Brought to you by Evil Puppy and (gratuitous ad)

BTW:  Clicking on the ad link above, will take you to an X-Rated site where you can see more pictures and videos for free, along with an optional link to sign up.


Evil wizards are once again playing around with mere mortals! Doing vile, unspeakable things to young innocents.

New 25 Image Story Going Green

Freedga Yid

In Fantasy and Transformation and of course (Rated NC-17)


Evil Puppy has updated his Mini Galleries for December in the Evil Puppy Fun Zone

Brought to you by Evil Puppy and (gratuitous ad)


Evil Puppy has added his Mini-Gallery Archive, the archive is of the previous month's models going back to February 2006. 

That's 32 more months of men, 30 men per month and about 16 images per man or 960 Men and 15,360 images!

Archive Gallery

It is RATED X!


I have taken on a new partner, his name is Evil Puppy.  He's added his own Fun Zone to my site.  The "Evil Puppy Fun Zone"  It is RATED X

It turns out that Evil Puppy, despite appearances, is not a member of Homo Lycanthropos but rather Homo-Capitalist.  

Therefore, in exchange for bringing his pictures (and videos) of naked men to this site, he's also putting his ads on the site. 

So, now you'll see some ads in the margins of some pages, but mainly on Evil Puppy's Fun Zone. 

He's promised me to try to add new content every month. 

You can see and download this content for free, with no obligation, but he also gives you links where you can join his site and see bigger sized images of the same naked guys (plus thousands more).



 New fun in Hell!  Damned To Hell has been updated!  An Image Story ("Kiss Me Father") based on my forthcoming D2H story: "The Incubus."  This a 'side story' of one of the characters in "The Incubus", Kevin.

Warning, some people might find this story blasphemous.  Oh well....

For more on "The Incubus" the first two images in the stand alone artwork section of Fantasy (their titles are prefixed with "The Incubus").



Nothing new here, just a link to my favorite TV Centaur's new website where you can see him in all his hunky bathroom morphs: 

Old Spicey is two things:  A hunk and a product pitchman. Visit him at http://www.oldspice.com/doubleimpact

(Admittedly, he's either hung like a "man" or is a bit gender confused; maybe he's a Jack Chalker centaur with both fore-sex and hind-sex).


PleasureBoy FanTCboy 2 FanTCman

At long last the Pleasure Boy has arrived!  The QuarkMaster makes a long journey to visit FanTCman in order compare notes with another noted scientific bloggger.

Unfortunately, not all works out as expected and Quark Master has to test his new Pleasure Boy serum on the only geek he can find:  FanTCboy!

This is an image and video combo story.  It consists of two rather large flash videos (FLV files like on YouTube) as well as traditional images.  Since not everyone is going to want to download the full videos, I have also posted images (and dialog) as still images from each video.  The still images follow immediately after the video.  There are 17 stills for the first and about 24 for the second.

When watching the videos I suggest letting them download completely first, or letting them loop.  Downloading and watching at the same times results in jerking and frame skipping.

The story is in Adult, Transformation and Science Ficton

If there is interest, I am playing with IPOD versions which would be lower resolution, but good for stand alone.  Also, you should be able to save the FLV's and play them with an FLV player (Google FLV player)


2008-April 8

Still chugging away on my newest image/video story.  It will be a storyboard story with videos of the transformation as well as still scenes like most of my image stories.

This one will be my homage to FanTCman.  It tentatively called "Pleasure Boy: FanTCboy to FanTCman"




To give you an idea of why it is taking so long (other than I have work to do during the day).  So far the story consists of over 4,200 images!  In order to do videos you have to render every image, like a cartoon or movie frame.  Assume a FLV frame rate of 6 to 9 frames/second and that 4200 images is about 8 minutes of movie.  Each frame is 1024x768 and takes about 1.5 minutes to render (draw) on a fairly powerful machine.  So you can see why it takes a while.  At this second, I'm on frame 3412...there are also stills and maybe one more video sequence to go.


In the interim, prepare for the story by reminding yourself of the joys of FanTCMan's mindless muscle hunk transformation stories:


FanTCMan Archive @ O'Melissokomos


Some of my favorite/most memorable stories include:

and of course The Pleasure Boy Series itself



2008-March 16

Self Portrait in Adult.

Since I have a picture of Satyrs doing graphic images on my home page, some people have asked if I am a satyr.  Unfortunately no, I am not.  My Yahoo picture (thequarkmaster) is Randy from my site.  I don't look like him either.  In one of my next stories/storyboard/videos I plan to use myself as a character (I'm the evil villain) so I had to create a version of myself.  I thus post this image of myself for your amusement.  Of course, since it is me and I am an ego maniac, I've made the picture at 2x the normal size (3200x2400).  If you save the image to your HD you will be able to open it at full size. 

Here then, is QuarkMaster. (minus a few gray hairs, and maybe plus one small enhancement)


2008-March 14

Introducing the birth of QuarkTube--QuarkMaster videos!

OK, so after many requests, I am at least considering doing video animations. 

I plan to stick with story boards for main/big stories for now, but am considering some short videos and or mixed image/video story boards. Tonight I am posting my first (posted) animated video EXPERIMENT.  It is very simple/crude/basic.  I am more interested in testing the use of FLV videos than the actual animation process.


I have a pretty good handle on animation and have been doing it for a while, my problem has been posting it on the web in a bandwidth/space reasonable manner that didn't look totally crappy.  Finally it seems things are getting there, so I am going to give it a shot.  Here are two videos of the same transformation, but from different camera angles.  A revolving camera and a stationary camera.  The original/designed animation is the moving camera one.  The stationary camera was an add on so you could see the TF from a fixed position.


Clearly I should start with a Transformation.


So what simple video to start with?  Well, thought I'd start with the topic that has generated some of the most fervent response for a single series.  And it must be rated at least R for nudity and sexual situations, otherwise, what's the point?

Welcome to:


Freedga Yid


Please Note:  You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed to see the videos.  Just like on YouTube. 


2008-March 3

3 New Links

3 New Art Links in the links section featuring a variety of Gay Male Art, with both Fantasy and S&M themes.

Gengoroh Tagame

Player's Gallery

Rob Clarke


2008-January 28

2 New Links

I am not a big fan of pay sites and don't generally recommend them  (other than BadPuppy.com which is probably the best value out there). 

However, I've just run across two conjoined sites that are worth pointing out to the community due to their exceptional topicality.



Both are hardcore male on male sex, the first is guys in animal body paint getting it on, the second is guys in (and some partners not in) fursuits having sex.

I haven't joined (yet...still debating...don't like pay sites) but they are definitely different and I think they will hit some furry prostates out there.

Here is a link to the story that brought them to my attention:  "You Made a Monkey Out of Me!" by Blue Monkey (@ The Eunuch Archive)



2008-January 7

Huge Update for DAMNED TO HELL 50+ New Images all in my new Image Story "Lust & Damnation"

Freedga Yid

Rated NC-17 for lots of Sex (followed by TF of course)




Part 1 of a New Series:  43 New Story Images Ed and Freedga Yid in Science Ficton and Transformation.


Freedga Yid

Been a hugely long time since last post.  Who'da thunk I'd get super busy for the last six months, but I did and work took me away for some time.  Sorry



Forum Apologies.


My Quark Master Forum is a beta thing.  It has been for some time.  My main issue with it is that it won't auto approve people and I have to go in and approve new members, and I very very very often forget to do that.


I got a note from DarkShadows today asking why he hadn't  heard anything and I was like..."Oops"


I am in the process of rebuilding the entire website.  It will be much much more interactive and slick, with ratings, and user participation things and a story and story link archive of other authors stories, with eventual user posting etc.


While there will be a forum at some point, I'm not sure if it will be the same software I am using now, or something else.  I suppose that's a factor of how soon people want a forum.  The sooner its needed the more likely it doesn't change.




Unofficial OFF TOPIC update Part 2.


And speaking of the Devil.  I posted my first Equus Montage last night, and what should show up in one of my Yahoo Groups, but a B/W "Full Monty" of Harry Potter and the Horse Lover.  So I have done a second, "R" rated version of my montage.  I removed two of  the non-Equus images and include the good sized BW nude Equus image.


Island of Dr. Monroe Pictures




Unofficial OFF TOPIC update.


I don't normally distribute wallpaper montages that I do for my computer, but I thought this one would be of some interest in some Yahoo Groups I am in, and in order to preserve its full resolution, I had to put it on my site, because it is huge.  1.2  in fact, uncompressed.   


It is 1920x1200 because that is the small "standard" resolution I could get all the images I had on, and it's also the size of my largest monitor.


So I figured I might as well post it here.  It's a montage of publicly available web images from the new production of Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe, I suppose it falls under "Fantasy" if you think of Harry Potter. 



Island of Dr. Monroe Pictures




Cleaned and updated links page.



Added 13 new eXtra images to "The Island of Dr. Monroe."  Gallery.
These are Xtra images that are inspired by, or perhaps, sequels to the the story.  Including the purely imaginary "BFP & ITK" which won't show on the welcome page.

Island of Dr. Monroe Pictures
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